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About The 4th Musketeer

The Musketeers: the personal elite troops of the king. All for one, one for all. They gave themselves completely for their King. They knew they could trust each other blindly. Both in war and in peacetime. Unity. Adventure. Heroism. Servitude. Power. The Musketeers speak to our imagination. They had what we so often do miss. They were what we want to be.

The 4th Musketeer (4M) is a men's movement which trains men to live for theirKing. He was the One who gave himself for us all. Together we will give everything for Him. Our service to Him is our highest honour. His struggle is our struggle. His passion is our passion. His goals are our goals. Are you a Christian, but missing passion? Do you read the Bible, but the message remains distant? Do you go to church, but following Jesus is not an adventure for you? Do you yearn for adventure deep inside? Then you've come to the right place!